Friday, October 14, 2016

New life among the retired!

Good morning bloggers,  it's a rainy day here in Plano - a little cool but definitely soggy.  Biggest news in my world is that I have finally gotten a chance to do craft shows and fair's since I no longer work in my previous job.   I left in July and have stayed busy getting ready for my first of many shows.

You don't realize how much goes into one until you start doing them every weekend.  I had done the odd one occasionally since I worked weekends, but now it's all about booking the shows and packing up to go.

I have to much to show!   An not enough room in the area assigned to put everything out.  Solution - figure out what is the big sellers to show, but keep a little something in a box if the customers ask for something specific that I know is available.  Since my shows surround clothing and accessories for children, it takes in a wide area.  My last show was themed as Halloween I added anything that worked in that area.  Better sales was the result.  Also looked at the demographics of the area to see what did sell.

What I found was amazing.  So many boys are not being marketed to.  Constant question of what do you have for little boy's.  I found that my marketing was to much on the little girls and not enough for boys.  So by adding a few items for them showed that I'm going in the right direction, just not there yet.

In my next show I'm adding some fleece blankets and padded scrap letters, so we'll see how those will do since the weather is changing.  Check back to see how they do.

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