Saturday, September 26, 2009

this is scary!!!

Hi guys,
I've got the second site up, kinda scary, but exciting. My third site will only be for supplies, which I have a lot of. Since I'm featuring more of a clothing line all the other things not in use will go up for sale. I do have patterns listed on my main site but not for much longer.
Huey G will remain small right now while I build some more stock but look out. Things that will listed are
  • bows
  • headbands
  • ornaments
  • shoes n booties
  • patches
  • and anything else

Just watch out. Does this mean I have to quit my day job?



Hypnotransformations said...

I wish I could quit my day job! I hope you can too.... :)
Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to learning more about you.

fairie_wings_pixie_dust said...

thank you very much...I was discussing this today with one of my guest where I work. We both agree that even though we should be retireing in a couple of years, we may never be able to.

debi said...

It's scary times for all of us soon to retire. My husband talks about it all the time. (never being able to). I am on unemployment for now. We'll see what happens.....