Sunday, October 11, 2009

gearing up for Christmas...

Can you believe it. We're already thinking about the Christmas season. In our shops, family and those many "things to do list" that we all have. Given that we all get so busy, I just wanted to say it....

Happy Halloween

Have a great Thanksgiving

And Merry Christmas

I know I've missed a lot of other hoildays in there but let me say also...

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the North

Happy Hanukkah

And a Happy Kwanzaa

that being said I thought I would give you some tips to make the most out of your busy season.

1. Don't take yourself so seriously

2. Get over your anger and frustration by eating some chocolate.

3. Give your friends some of that same chocolate-add a note about something funny.

4. Set some limits to how much frustration you will take daily---30 minutes to 1 hour is good, then go have some chocolate.

Are we seeing a theme here. Chocolate, the 5th food group. As I was posting some holiday pieces to etsy I was searching for some because I was having a lot of trouble with my computer last night. Didn't find any (so you know what is on the top of my grocery list) that I really wanted to eat, only found some stale cookies that HAD to share with hubby.
What are some of your tips to get through the holidays? I'd love to hear them.
Sorry for being offline this week, talk to you soon.

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