Friday, October 2, 2009

thought I'd disappeared did you...

This has been a real busy week for me. A lot of

work to get done, both at my day job and for

"faire wings and pixie dust"

I needed to do a little of this and a whole lot of everything else. As you can see I've got a little show and tell with what has been keeping me busy.
set of 5 lace buttons in pink. Just larger than a quarter. Since we have those CPSIA laws going into effect I needed to find something to replace the buttons. I thought this was a start but I really need to find some that are a little smaller. I found them at a great wedsite called, In making my Princesses in Pink Pillowcase top and diaper cover I got a chance to use them. The above outfit is a 24 mth old size and can be worn year round.
Now to think what I'm going to do with all those lovely buttons that I have collected for years and I do mean years. Some my mother gave me from clothing that I remember her wearing as I was growing up. Talk about recycling, they knew what it meant to use everything again and again.
Well I need to get dressed for another action packed day at work. Oh, like I haven't already gotten started on my next project this morning.
Just wanted to stay in touch...Ya'll have a good day.


debi said...

I've been reading alittle about those new CPSIA laws on etsy, what a lousy deal for you! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't use buttons! I'll just stick to sewing for my new grandchild and hope they don't sue me!! Cute crocheted buttons!

fairie_wings_pixie_dust said...

I'm sure they'll love anything you do for the little one

Meichihko said...

Very good idea on the buttons. Thanks for listing that site too! I'll check it out.